Apex Legend Mobile is expected to open a new round of internal testing in September

Aug 27,2021
Panda Helper

EA plans to hold a new round of internal testing for the handheld version of Apex Legend in September, but not all players will be able to participate in it. Respawn, the developer of Apex Legend, revealed to players via Twitter that the test is limited to the following countries: Egypt, Turkey, Mexico, Colombia and Peru. This implies that for the time being, the Apex Legend handheld version will not cancel the regional PTA for now.

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If players want to participate in this Apex Legend test but don't live in the above mentioned areas, they don't have to be disappointed, as long as they download the Apex Legend APK file, have a VPN and a stable network, the game will still be online on opening day without a problem. Players who live in the above areas can pre-register by logging into the Android Google Play app store. For now, Apex Legend is available on the Android platform first, and will be available on the iOS platform as well.

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Apex Legend Mobile Edition features rich gameplay and innovative combat content that allows multiple players to form squads and shoot in first and second person. Seeking a chance to survive is the sole goal of Apex Legend combat. Players can choose their heroes from a diverse cast of characters consisting of outlaws, soldiers, super-teens, and evaders.

In Apex Legend battles, strategic choices are key, and players need to find the heroes that fit their play style. At the same time, Apex Legend can be customized with unique skins to leave a player's own imprint. The fast-paced, innovative battles have a shorter match length and a more exciting sense of action. Players can team up with 2 other players and combine their skillsets to create the ultimate Apex Legend team to battle 19 other squads in a 60-player battle royale game.

Apex Legend Google Play Pre-register

Panda Helper Android has not uploaded Apex Legend mod apk yet, but in the near future there will be Apex Legend with mod feature available for free download.

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