Tips and Tricks of uno mod apk and how to get uno mod apk free

Aug 18,2021
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uno mod apk introduction

uno mod apk is a classic puzzle board game, the rules of the game are very simple players need to play cards of the same color or number as the card played by the previous player, when the player is left with the last card, you need to shout 'UNO' and deal out all the cards in your hand, you will be able to achieve the final victory.

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In addition to its classic gameplay, uno mod apk will also include online and social elements. Players can join or exit uno mod apk at any time, and during the game you can also communicate with friends and family by voice or video

uno mod apk Tips and Tricks

When a player deals a card with the same number or function as the card dealt by the previous player, but with a different color, the current dealt color is automatically transferred to the color of the card dealt by that player.

A player may deal a card with the same number or function as the previous player's card and simultaneously deal a card of another color with the same number or function, in which case that player may designate any color contained in the dealt card as the color for the continuation of the turn.

If a player forgets to say 'uno' and is discovered by another player before the next player plays, he or she is punished by taking two cards from the pile to replenish it, which cannot be done if not discovered in time. Conversely, a penalty of two cards is imposed if 'uno' is mistakenly called.

The player who finishes his hand the fastest is the winner. The total number of points of the remaining cards in the hands of the others is added up to the winner's score.

How about it, uno mod apk is actually very simple to play, right?

Mod Features of uno mod apk:

- Infinite JackSpot Scratches

- Infinite Crates

- Double Coins

- Unlock All Items

- Unlock All Avatars

- No Cost to start game

- Anti Ban

uno mod apk free download


Panda Helper Android offers a large number of mod apk free download, But there is no grand summoners mod apk yet, don't worry, when we find a useful mod apk, we will provide it to you for free at the first time.

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  • Get
    UNO ™ & Friends
    May 20,2022 19.45 MB
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    Last Day on Earth: Survival Mod
    May 20,2022
    Item Duplication Free Crafting Free Building No Building Requirements Free Upgrading Infinite Weapon Durability Infinite Armor Durability Unlimited Coins Unlimited Skill Points Unlimited Ener
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    May 20,2022 44.39 MB
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    Toca Life World: Build stories & create your world
    May 20,2022 33.67 MB
    Modify unlock all the characters, items, maps! 【note】 1. This game requires permission to store directly in the settings or when entering the game, otherwise the situation will be part of the phone Huaping and black and white and so on! 2. If there is no start button, use a game accelerator or a network tool can enter the game!
  • Get
    May 20,2022 101.36 MB
    Mod Menu >God Mode (inmunity to some damage) >Jump cheat >Slider Jump Height >Fly >Pass Through Walls (grants inmunity to some environmental hazards) >Lock Camera POV >Night Mode >Troll features
  • Get
    May 20,2022
    1. Mod Menu 2. One hit kill 3. God Mode 4. Working in PvE + PvP 5. No Added Ads
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