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Jul 16,2021
Panda Helper

Burrito Bison Hacked is a casual entertainment game, the gameplay is a horizontal mode of clearance. The game graphics are very cute is a 2D cartoon style. The game players need to control the protagonist bison to complete a series of adventure challenge tasks, of course, the operation is also very simple, new players easy to get started.


Burrito Bison Hacked told the story of Bison in order to buy daily necessities went to a supermarket, inadvertently passed through the candy food section when found a packet of blue bags called candy world suddenly pulled him into another world. When Bison came to his senses, he found himself in a cage, while outside there was a group of cubs holding different plaques to protest against Bison. Finally, the bison became angry and opened the road to revenge, intending to break out of the candy world and return to the real world.

Burrito Bison Hacked's gameplay is simple, with the pointer swinging to determine the strength of the ejection, while in flight, players can also use other buttons to perform additional rocket bounces. The player's goal is to make the bison fly farther and get more money. In Burrito Bison Hacked players have to keep retrieving their recipes and also collect some ingredients.

Panda Helper Android offers Burrito Bison Hacked, which can have unlimited money for players to upgrade their characters and props and gain stronger fighting abilities.

Mod feature of Burrito Bison Hacked:

Mod Money

- Money increase when spent

Burrito Bison Hacked mod apk free download


If you are using iPhone:

Burrito bison hacked iOS

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