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Jul 23,2021
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Players can meet old friends and make new ones in this beautiful and realistic 3D world of avakin life mod menu. The avakin life mod menu is not an ordinary simulation game, but an extraordinary virtual world where players can create a character and communicate freely with their friends. Use the character creator to design the ideal character you have in mind, whether it's a cartoonish appearance or a replica of a real-world you, imagination will make all the difference.


When people encounter difficulties in some way, they tend to want to be satisfied elsewhere. If you can't make friends in reality, you might make a lot of friends in the avakin life mod menu virtual world. This avakin life mod menu brought by Lockwood Publishing Ltd gives us such a platform, which is a global online social game, in which players can create an ideal character, to complete the reality of want to do not dare to do things.

As a simulation game, avakin life mod menu's graphics tend to be realistic, and the characters' forms and movements are still a bit stiff, but in an acceptable range. When creating a character avakin life mod menu also provides the appropriate face templates, from the face, hairstyle and features can be customized. avakin life mod menu has a wide range of clothing.


Unlike general RPG games, avakin life mod menu this kind of simulation game does not have a clear main and branch tasks, plus the newbie guidance is not done well enough, a new player for the first time into the game will probably feel overwhelmed because there is no clear task guidance. But the basic gameplay of avakin life mod menu is no gameplay. Players in the game will be assigned a private apartment, players are free to match the furniture and decorations plus a pet, the general appliances will be provided free of charge, while more personalized appliances need to be build or purchased by the player.

Therefore, if you download the avakin life mod menu, you can have the feature of Free Build to make and match furniture as you like to make your private apartment an impressive one.

mod feature of Avakin Life mod menu:

- MOD(Free Build/All Items)

Download Avakin Life mod menu for free:


Download Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World Hack iOS 

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  • Get
    Avakin Life Mod
    May 19,2021 104.42 MB
    MOD, Free Build/All Items
  • Get
    The Sims™ Mobile
    Spt 10,2021 116.08 MB
    Mod Money After you complete tutorial, buy any furniture and get a lot of money!
  • Get
    The Sims FreePlay
    Jun 30,2021 25.61 MB
    Unlimited Money
  • Get
    Home Street – Home Design Game
    May 05,2021 229.52 MB
    Unlimited Coins
  • Get
    Garena Free Fire MAX - Rampage
    Jul 02,2021 44.39 MB
    God Mode
  • Get
    Minecraft Mod
    Jul 02,2021 125.26 MB
    MOD Hacks info minecraft mod apk: License check removed; Work login to Microsoft account; A working character editor with all unlocked features ( skins are not saved after exiting the game );
  • Get
    Toca Life World: Build stories & create your world
    Jul 15,2021 33.67 MB
    Modify unlock all the characters, items, maps! 【note】 1. This game requires permission to store directly in the settings or when entering the game, otherwise the situation will be part of the phone Huaping and black and white and so on! 2. If there is no start button, use a game accelerator or a network tool can enter the game!
  • Get
    Jul 23,2021 101.36 MB
    Mod Menu >God Mode (inmunity to some damage) >Jump cheat >Slider Jump Height >Fly >Pass Through Walls (grants inmunity to some environmental hazards) >Lock Camera POV >Night Mode >Troll features
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